Thursday, February 24, 2011

God Whispers

"For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose"
~Philippians 2:13

Its a wonderfully quiet morning here at home. Chris is off to work and Chelsea is still sleeping. I seized the opportunity to grab a second cup of coffee and my Bible and curl up in my favorite sunny spot. I usually start my "quiet time" by reading a short devotional in Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry T. and Richard Blackaby. (Thank you Lysa TerKeurst for the suggestion)

Today the devotion posed the question "Are you so eager to 'get to the work' that you have not clearly heard what is on God's heart?".

So I sat there, with my Bible on my lap, thinking about that question. Usually, I'll start reading. Today I couldn't seem to focus. I flipped through the pages but nothing grabbed me. I opened it, I closed it, I opened it again. I thought "What am I missing God? there something I'm supposed to understand?"

I started to thumb through the Bible again and was distracted, or so I thought, by all the notes I'd taken over the past few years. I stopped to read them. Then I noticed the highlighted scriptures and stopped to read those too. I flipped to the front cover, I read the quotations. I skipped to the back cover and read all of those as well. There were notes, references & words that I'd scribbled down during a church service often. Sometimes quotations from a movie. Even quotations from other books I'd read.

Before I knew it, my mind had drifted. I began to think about a very special person in my life who is struggling right now. She's one of the bravest people I know. She's intelligent beyond anything I am capable of. She is beautiful, sweet, funny, admired, capable and so very very lost. I wish I could do SOMETHING to help her. I would do anything within my power to help her!

"Give her your Bible" I felt God whisper.

Seriously?! Wait, was that me or was that God? I sat there for a few minutes, doubting myself. Then I started to flip through the pages again. Those quotations, those verses, those notes, those were mine. This Bible has walked with me through some pretty dark places. I love this Bible. I can't let go of THIS Bible. Its pretty, I picked it out just for me. I love the color, I love the texture, I love the weight of it. And then......

"Give her your Bible" he whispered again to my heart.

I realized, those notes, those highlights, those quotations might help her . In some ways, she's struggling through the same things I struggled with too. Do you suppose God knew that,  when I wrote those things down? Do you think this was part of the plan? That someday, I'd give my beloved Bible to someone who would need that particular verse highlighted? I think so. I think thats what the devotional question referred to. People are "on God's heart"......nothing matters to him more than his children and having a relationship with them.

Although its a bit used, marked up, and a few pages have teardrop stains,  I will pass along my favorite book to one of my  most favorite people. Before I do, I will sign and date it and include a special note for her. Reminding her that she is loved, by me, by others and more importantly by God. The answers that she's seeking, the directions for her life, are between the pages of THIS book and no other.

What is God calling you to pass on today? Will you do it?

Dear God~
I ask a special blessing upon the recipient of my well-loved Bible. You know who she is and exactly what she needs. I pray that this gift will inspire her to seek a personal relationship with you. I pray that her heart will heal and she will embrace the beautiful life you have planned for her. I pray she will feel your love, your comfort, your peace and experience the joy of living once again. In Jesus' name~Amen.



  1. She's obviously one special lady already if you love her Chelle. Again, your selflessness abounds.

  2. Bravo, Chel. You may not know this, but when Heather moved to Chicago, I gave her a bible. My hope was that in times of doubt she would pick it up and discover the boundless love of God that awaits her in those pages.
    And you know we pray daily for that oh-so special young lady too.
    Love Pep