Friday, November 12, 2010

Salty or Sweet?

"You are the salt of the earth.  But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor?  Can you make it salty again?  It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless."  Matthew 5:13

One of the key struggles I had with my initial decision to accept Christ into my life was that I didn't want to lose who I was.  I actually like me.  My entire life, I worked hard to be different than other actually not fit into a certain mold and although I struggled with friendships and relationships along the way because of that - I secretly enjoyed walking to the tune of my own drum.  I am drawn to the person that stands out; I am intrigued by them. 

A year ago, two of my girlfriends and I experienced a girls get-a-way week-end together at the beach.  The bartender at the Inn we stayed at was one of these intriguing people.  Because I'm drawn to interesting characteristics, this particular girl had many piercings, an attractive haircut and these deep, deep eyes that when you looked into them, you really saw her soul.  Although what really intrigued me was the tattoo she had scribed across her chest that read:  Beautiful Disaster.  I absolutely loved it!  Not that I'm about to go out and get a tattoo across my chest, but what it acknowledged for her was that her life wasn't perfect, and yes she had made many mistakes, however she had the courage to be who she was and was not apologetic for it.  She didn't feel the need to be a certain way or fit into a certain mold.  Whether it was the tattoo or perhaps the fact that I could really see into her soul that brought me to that conclusion, the end result was that I respected her for it.  In fact, I had more respect for her unapologeticness (is that a word?) than I would if she was molded by society, her interpretation of what her life should be like, or whatever!

So, since my journey as Christian began in 2009, I am living my life and my walk with God "Tammy Style".  For me, my relationship is unique and different than anyone else's and yes it comes with road bumps, stop signs and even very large brick walls; however a relationship with God "Tammy Style" means I am totally honest with God about my hang-ups, my challenges, my issues.  When things don't make sense to me or I don't see God's bigger plan, I don't pretend I am happy about it but instead I say, "God - I totally don't get what is going on here and why these challenges are in my life but what I do know for sure is that you have a plan.  And thank goodness because I have no idea what to do next.  So, I'm just gonna let go and let you handle it." 

I'm am soo thankful that God in fact wants me to be different!  He wants a relationship with me "Tammy Style" and he wants me to stand out in the crowd so that others will have the courage to step out in faith too!  How about you?  What's your style?


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  1. Beautifully said, Tammy. I wonder just how many of us find God in our individuality? Each of is a miracle in the flesh, completely original and unique. Why, because that is how God created and love we are. The challenge in life is not only remaining true to that special self that God created, but be able to put on His vision and look at everyone else around as He does. Of the billions and billions and billions of people ever born, all are unique, special and loved by Him. Everyone single one!